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Our Services

We Offer a Range of Services to Meet Your Needs

Repairs and Maintenance 

Our service and maintenance department provide services that protect your products and work areas, and prolongs the life of your roof. Most facilities do not know they have a roof problem until water is coming in the building, at that point you need the problem to go away quickly. We work alongside the business owner to ensure all your needs are met. We provide speedy service with an excellent product. This department meets the customers needs in the following areas:


  •  Leak Repairs

  • Sealing in new rooftop equipment that penetrates through the roof

  • Modifications made to your roof system

  • Repairing damage caused by others or by nature


Preventative Maintenance

Most facilities do not know they have a roofing problem until water has entered the building and caused damage. We do not want that to happen to you! With our preventative maintenance program, we will come out and inspect your roofs and fix any issues that could be a problem in the future. While we are inspecting, some of the issues and critical areas we look at are:

  • Drains and gutters not blocked and flowing correctly

  • The condition of the roof membrane

  • Check laps to ensure sealed

  • Ponding water that we can eliminate

  •  Ensure caulk joints are in good condition

  • The condition of the flashing

  •  Abandoned equipment that we can eliminate

  • Objects stored on roof that are causing damage

  •  Debris that needs removed

Once we have inspected your roofs, we will provide you with recommendations
to consider that will prolong the life of your roof. In some cases it may also extend
your warranty.

Removals and Installations

Water Control Roofing is highly experienced in removing and installing low slope roofing. We install on new roofing projects, we tear off existing roofs to install new roofs, and we also retrofit new roofs on top of existing roofs. We have over 30 years experiencing on several different types of roof systems, including:

  • Modified

  • Built up

  • TPO single ply

  • PVC single ply

  •  EPDM single ply

  • Liquid coatings

  • Metal

We work with several manufacturers and can assist you in finding the perfect roof
for your facility

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