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Water Control Roofing takes safety very seriously. Being an industrial roofing contractor, our jobs have hazards that we must be aware of and prepared for daily. Before any of our employees step one foot on the roof, they have to complete our safety training program. This program helps them to identify hazards and how to eliminate hazards, not only for the employee, but also for the customer.


Before a project begins, we create a safety plan for that project. We review the plan with the foreman and crew who will be involved on that project. Also, before work begins each day, our crews go over the job plan and discuss any hazards that may be involved. Once hazards are identified, we discuss options to eliminate those hazards. Such options include wearing fall protection on the edge, wearing cut resistance gloves, wearing safety glasses, wearing steel toed boots, making sure flagging is up around perimeter of roof so we can easily identify the edge, flagging off the ground below where we are working to keep pedestrians safe, and many other ways we can eliminate jobsite hazards. We take pride in being a safe roofing contractor. Our desire is that everyone goes home injury free at the end of the day.

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